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Caracas nightlife; clubs, pubs, bars and theatres

As in the rest of South America the Caracas nightlife starts around midnight. Las Mercedes is the most trendy club to go out to. It's packed with pubs, cafe's, bars, restaurants and dance clubs. Other neighbourhoods are Altamira and El Rosal. Sometimes you will require a jacket but most of the time it's casual. Where ever you go, take a taxi, even if it's a short walk.


Bar El Leon
Plaza La Castellana
Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela


Greenwich Rock Pub
Avenida San Juan
Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela 
Tel.: 0058(0)212 2671760


Hard Rock Cafe
Centro Comercial Sambil
Caracas, Venezuela


Vintage Bar
Centro Comercial San Ignacio
Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela


360º Roof Bar
Corner of 1a Avenida and 1a Transversal
Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 2093493


El Mani Es Asi Bar
Avenida Francisco Solano and Calle El Cristo
Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 7636671


Club Rosalinda
Calle Madrid
Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 9939893 / 9937975


Club Rumbar
Calle Madrid
Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela


Teatro Teresa Carreno
Final Avenida Paseo Colon
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 5749122


Ateneo de Caracas (live performances)
Ateneo de Caracas, Avenida Mejico
Caracas, venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 5763336

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