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Caracas restaurants

Caracas is a big cosmopolitan city. The Caraquenos (the people of Caracas) and the many immigrants offer a very big diversity of food, you'll find the traditional Venezuelan kitchen, the international kitchen and fusion. Two of the best parts of Caracas to go to for dinner are: Las Mercedes, this area has many restaurants with different gastronomical specialties, along with pubs, bars, pools and art galleries and Altamira, also with many Caracas hotels, malls and restaurants.


Le Galipanier
A 1870 metres de altura (15 minutos)
Caracas, Venezuela


Tercera Avenida con Cuarta Transversal
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 2834558
Fax: 0058(0)212 2834558


La Sultana del Avila
Avenida Principal
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 2342902


Avenida Tamanaco
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 9516130


El Picoteo
Avenida Rio de Janeiro, entre Trinidad y Mucuchies
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 9922340


Final Avenida San Juan Bosco
Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 2618419


Granja Natalia
Via Galipan, El Avila
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)414 1267166


Hereford Grill
Calle Madrid
Caracas, Venezuela
Tel.: 0058(0)212 9929664

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